Arrival & Departure

Our school is designed for the working family;
we are open daily from 7:30am to 5:45pm.

  • No children can be dropped off prior to 7:30am
  • All children must be picked up by 5:45pm. If you are unavoidably detained, please call. AMK does charge $1.00 per minute, per child that you are late. This fee is paid directly to the teacher that stayed with your child.
  • When you arrive at AMK please deliver your child directly to their teacher.
  • At departure time please remember to say goodbye to your child’s teacher so we know you are leaving with your child.
  • Please respect a five mile an hour speed limit in our parking lot. Please do not leave your vehicle running when in the building.
  • Please remember to notify us in writing when someone else will be picking up your child. They will need to show ID upon arrival. If you have an emergency in who will be picking up your child call us ASAP so we can assist you.
  • Please remember to notify us ASAP when your child will be absent.

Absences and Health Policies

The health and safety for all our AMK children is our number one priority. Please help us by following these guidelines.

  • If your child is sick with diarrhea, vomiting, or fever during the night please do not send them to AMK in the morning.
  • If your child becomes sick during the day and is unable to stay, please pick them up within the hour. Please also make sure our staff has your correct contact number.
  •  Our policy is that your child must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to AMK.
  • If your child is being treated with an antibiotic for a contagious illness, they must be on the antibiotic for 24 hours prior to returning to AMK.
  • Children cannot attend AMK if they have a temperature above 100f, Diarrhea, or vomiting. Infectious diseases such as Strep Throat, Coxsackie Virus, Pink Eye etc.

Snacks and Lunches

Our policy on snacks and lunch is we do all we can to encourage your child to eat, but every appetite is different and children go through various eating patterns. It is not our policy to make sure every bite is eaten, but to emphasize eating in a relaxed, quiet, friendly environment.

  • Please pack a lunch including a beverage, if your child arrives early feel free to send them with breakfast as well. Make sure all bags are clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • AMK provides a healthy morning and afternoon snack in the toddler, nursery school, and pre-K classrooms. Yes, if desired you can send a snack with your child.
  • Please remember that only our rooms for children up to 3 years of age have microwave and refrigerators. (Space is limited in refrigerators)
  • We do occasionally serve “treats” for special occasions.

Toys From Home

  • Children may bring in toys to help with the transition from home to school, please follow our guidelines when helping your child select a toy.
    1. No more than one toy per day
    2. No weapons or weapon accessories
    3. Toy is small enough to fit in their cubby
    4. Should be suitable for group play
    5. Should not be fragile, expensive, irreplaceable, or have many pieces.
  • AMK is not responsible for lost or broken toys.
  • Toys from home will only be played with during free play time.
  • Toys from home do not need to be shared, but if your child shares with one other, they must then share with all.
  • If a toy is being used manipulatively to leave others out, it will be put away.

Peanut Free Rooms

Delayed weaning and late introduction of highly allergic foods for children with a known family or personal history may help prevent the development of food allergies.

  • All classrooms at AMK are peanut free. We do ask for your assistance in maintaining this by not sending food with your child that blatantly contains peanuts or tree nuts.
  • Many food labels carry warnings that products may have been manufactured in plants which also make peanut products. If safe for your child, these items are permissible at AMK.
  • We do realize that it is virtually impossible to create a totally peanut free environment and appreciate your cooperation in assisting us in making AMK as safe as possible for all of our children.


  • Children should wear comfortable clothes that don’t inhibit physical activity or messy artwork.
  • They should wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes, suitable for running and climbing.
  • Please remember to send sneakers if your child is wearing sandals or open toed shoes.
  • Please supply us with a complete clearly labeled set of clothing each season. These clothes will be kept in your child’s classroom.
  • Please remember to regularly send in diapers or an adequate supply of underwear depending on your child’s needs.
  • If your child is potty training, easy access clothing makes learning bathroom skills less stressful.
  • Soiled clothing will be sent home to be laundered.

Nap Time

Our children work and play hard at AMK and are generally ready for a nap. While most of the children do fall asleep for those that don’t we do make quiet time accommodations for them.

  • Our infant and waddler (6 weeks to 18 months) rooms nap “on demand”
  • All other classrooms rest for approximately two hours a day (1:30 to 3:30pm)
  • All classrooms enjoy a story or video for the first half hour as they wind down. We find this to be a very soothing and relaxing time for the children.


In addition to age there are many considerations that determine when a child will move on to the next room. In making this decision, we factor in abilities, personalities, and temperament. The AMK staff will work with your child on this process to make it a smooth transition.


We value your choice of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. We understand it can be a difficult decision and support your choice. While it can be a joyful experience we also understand it can be challenging. We encourage you to feel comfortable if you choose to breastfeed here at A Magic Kingdom. Our infant room offers a comfortable and cozy environment to do so. If you desire more privacy other locations will be made available at your request. Our staff understands the importance of breastfeeding to your child’s development. Please feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you have with your infant’s teacher.

Confidentiality Policy

AMK is very sensitive to the fact that information concerning you is private and personal. Trust and confidentiality are essential to building trusting relationships. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and protecting your personal information. AMK will not disclose information except as required by law or when there is a threat to health and safety of the individuals and families we serve.

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